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NOMOSADZ - plushie toy

NOMOSADZ - plushie toy

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Feeling sad? Have you lost your motivation? Feeling like you’d rather stay in bed all day?

Try NOMOSADZⓅ. NOMOSADZⓅ is a squeezable, throwable, plush placebo clinically proven to induce momentary happiness. With NOMOSADZⓅ, you’ll have more energy and motivation.

Ask yourself if NOMOSADZⓅ is right for you. Do not use NOMOSADZⓅ if you are allergic to NOMOSADZⓅ. Do not doom-scroll social media while using. Use as directed.

Side effects of NOMOSADZⓅ include moderate to severe fits of laughter and an increased desire for social contact. If you have ambition that lasts for four or more hours, go to the nearest emergency room, as you may be experiencing serious complications.
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